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Why You Need a Pet Containment System

When you want to keep your pet in your yard without the expense of a fence, or if you don’t want your view blocked, or have a fence that you don’t want your pet to dig under or jump over -  give West Ottawa Sprinkling a call for a free quote for a Pet Safe in-ground pet containment systems. There are two collar options for a variety of pets.​

Design and Installation

West Ottawa Sprinkling Inc will design a Pet Safe in-ground containment system for your pet(s). Let us show you how to safely and humanely keep your pet(s) in your yard.


We can cover up to 25 acres for them to roam and play in. We can keep them out of your garden, away from the pool area, away from digging under or jumping over a fence, or any other place you choose to keep them from. The Pet Safe in-ground system can be installed by our trained technicians.


The Pet Safe in-ground system can be installed by our technicians, or we offer flexible installation options for the Do-It-Yourselfer. We will also design and order supplies for your needs so you can install the system yourself.


An option for a smaller yard, or if you need portability, is a wireless system that can travel with you and your pet(s) to keep them safe while in unfamiliar spaces.


You can also cut labor costs if you have us install your sprinkling system, low voltage outdoor lighting system, and pet containment system all at the same time.

Repair and Maintenance

Our technicians are trained and able to service and repair any pet containment system.

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